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Friday 24st, May 12:1:5 Am
Shake Milton shines bright with career high in 76ers vs. Clippers - 2019-20 NBA Highlights


A simple October basketball game between the Philadelphia and Minnesota Timberwolves became much more when a brawl broke out between each team’s respective star Wednesday night.

Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns were each ejected from the Sixers’ eventual win for their role in the incident and created a buzz across the basketball world. The drama didn’t stop at the final buzzer as Embiid took some shots at Towns in his postgame press conference. Interestingly, Towns took the high ride in his postgame comments, going as far as saying he’s not here to provide clicks for the media. DENVER Jerryd Bayless isn’t Philadelphia’s go-to guy on offense, but when he got the chance, the veteran came through.

Bayless scored eight of his 14 points in the first of the fourth quarter to start a decisive run and the defeated the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night.

Dario Saric had 20 points and nine rebounds, JJ Redick scored 18 points and Robert Covington had 15 points and 10 rebounds for Philadelphia. Kawhi Leonard Top 10 Plays of Career - NBATop10.

Stephen Curry's AMAZING Top 30 Plays!. The flipped two members of their young core for more draft picks. At what point will they settle on making the best of the talent they have? Share All sharing options for When do the start building something? Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports.

For all the discussion and debate they generate, we don't really talk about the 76ers. The were once viewed as a potential scary playoff team, but now they're fighting just to make the postseason. Does The Process need more time than we originally thought? Author Andrew Sharp and Ben Golliver. Ben Golliver It’s not an advanced stats question. It comes down to Joel Embiid’s minutes played.

If Embiid plays 27 minutes or fewer this season, the Sixers are 4 That’s as clear as it gets. If he’s on the court, they win games at a 70 clip. If he’s off, they basically lose no matter what. And that absolutely factors into the perception of a guy like Ben Simmons. Look at the drop off when Embiid is not on the courtwhat is one player supposed to do, much less a rookie?. The though, hopefully realized when trying to turn around a franchise that finding a coach is near the bottom of the list.

And not only that, they struck gold! The are playing at a higher level than one should reasonably expect them to, and their opponents, with the possible exception of the Wizards, are all playing at a much lower level than one should reasonably expect them to be playing at.[2]. All that being said, I think that there is a fundamental reason why the have been able to capitalize on the situation it's possible again, stressing the fact that it's only a three-game sample that they have noticeable athleticism advantage and are able to take advantage of it by utilizing an increased paced. When they acquired the team, the were overachieving in the weak Eastern Conference.

Harris’s first big move was to bring in Andrew Bynum, a potential star who might take the team even further. Bynum did not play a game for the and signed elsewhere after the team paid him 17 million. After that debacle, Harris and his co-owners abruptly changed tack. They purged the roster of big names and costly contracts.

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Once again we were terrible out of every timeout. The offense had no sense of rhythm or structure. I also think Horford+ for McCollum would open up the offense. Simmons was phenomenal tonight, basically playing like a Miami finals Lebron.

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Unfortunately he didn’t really get any help from teammates and shots weren’t made.

Simmons became just the third player Alvan Adams, LeBron since with 29 points 13 rebounds 11 assists 4 blocks in a game. I see four main reasons why the started the season as well as they did Luck. Smart schemes on both ends of the floor.

Better than expected individual play. The better team doesn't always play better, and the team that plays better doesn't always score more points. It's easy for a bad NBA team to look good for a few games. Last year, the Charlotte Bobcats started the season including a 3 game winning streak and a stretch of 5 wins in 6 games and then lost their next 18 games.

Again, these work when the offense doesn't expect them, but can be used to create open shots and mismatches once they're figured out. These tactics have given Philadelphia an edge early in the season, but shouldn't continue to work later in the season. LONDON AP When the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia play Thursday in London, they’ll both be looking to leave a mark on the league’s global stage. For the teams, that’s the obvious payoff. It’ll also provide a reminder of the league’s future.

A number of the players including Kyrie Irving and Joel Embiid set to take the court at the O2 Arena are also likely to appear in February’s All-Star Game, some surely going to be bolstered by votes they get from those fans in London and watching worldwide. And the amount of young talent that will be on display makes this the most hotly anticip. Two head-scratching decisions by the saw them fail to get a potential tying shot off inside the final minute of Saturday night's loss to the Warriors.

When Scott talked to reporters about a half hour later, he made no attempt to argue. "I'm going to get mad all over again," he said. I am not one for excuses there's no excuse.

I just have to do better." Asked what he was thinking on the play, Scott simply said, "It just wasn't good.

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The still have the four most talented players on the floor in this series. They still have a starting five in Embiid, Butler, Harris, Simmons and J.J. Redick that has statistically been one of the NBA's best this season despite limited minutes together.

But Saturday's loss illustrated exactly how small a margin of error the Sixers have.

Simmons in particular was terrible, with his lack of outside shooting again limiting his game. He scored nine points on only nine shots, and he missed four of his five free throws. Simmons had a team-worst plus-minus of, a mark that was equaled by Redick. The biggest problem with the isn't that they're a strangely constructed roster for today's NBA. They certainly are that, but at their best, they are a team that can contend for a title, odd roster be damned. The Philadelphia Training Complex is in Camden, New Jersey, the most dangerous city in America and a place to avoid after dark and during the day, for that matter, according to my Uber driver, Lloyd.

With 86 million worth of steel and glass and shine, the,square-foot complex boasts brilliant views of the Philadelphia skyline and serves Essentia bottled water that is balanced precisely at a PH level of, purportedly for optimal rehydration.

Since the beginning of, the Sixers are when Embiid has played and have posted a defensive rating of when he is on the court. For the first time since before the beginning of The Process, the Sixers seem like a coherent, competent and, most crucially, promising basketball team. The were on hand to help, having arrived in Toronto on the second half of their own back-to-back. But it was the process-driven youngsters that looked like they’d left their game in the charter, and the Raptors aggressiveness made them pay.

We got some stops tonight, a lot of them. Some deflections, some rebounds, said Nurse. Wright in just his third appearance after a groin strain in exhibition play on Oct. 10 looked more himself, and the bench benefitted.

He had seven points and two assists in eight minutes in the first half.

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The Raptors are being completely outclassed by the in Game 3 of their second-round playoff The Sixers are ludicrously talented and athletic, and when relatively unbothered by either knee tendinitis or mudbutt Embiid is one of the NBA’s top handful of players. And Philly’s own regular-season record was a bit of a mirage, since the team added two of its top four players via midseason trade and clearly hadn’t quite mastered playing together by the time the playoffs rolled around.

There may be no shame in getting flattened by this squad for all anybody knows or can predict, they might stomp whoever comes out of the Boston-Milwaukee series, too. As was the case at The Center on December 15th, when the Thunder outlasted the Sixers, Sunday’s contest featured plenty of flare, both in terms of style of play, and the nature of interactions among participants.

Brett Brown wasn’t too surprised. You know the roster that [the Thunder] have that you are going to be in for a fist fight, said the Sixers’ fifth-year head coach.

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While the have maintained a winning standard at home, different faces have played major roles in each W. Charged with overcoming a point deficit Wednesday while hosting the Knicks, the played dynamically on both ends of the floor led to a hard-fought victory down the moonhoax.us While the have maintained a winning standard at home, different faces have played major roles in each W.

Charged with overcoming a point deficit Wednesday while hosting the Knicks, the played dynamically on both ends of the floor led to a hard-fought victory down the stretch. The Celtics once again got the best of the on Christmas Day as Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Jimmy Butler had trouble blending their immense gifts.

When burlier forwards like Jaylen Brown approached, he fired away from the perimeter. It felt like a natural extension of his desire to be more bruiser than floor spacer, until he sunk two threes without hesitation.

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After trading for Jimmy Butler, who will start for the new-look Philadelphia 76ers? Here are some of Brett Brown's options. While it’s unclear what the 76ers’ starting lineup is going to look like, these are our projections allowing room for variance of what the squad will look like when they take the court for the first time with Butler in the fold.

The worry for Philly right now is who shoots the ball. Besides Andre Miller, there may be no other player in the NBA that you thought retired five years ago more than the year-old Elton Brand. The first overall pick by the Bulls in out of Duke, Elton Brand isn’t done yet as he as just signed a one-year deal to return to the Philadelphia 76ers, the same team he came out of retirement with last season.

It was at this point that Brand began to bounce around the NBA with the Mavericks and Hawks as a bench player before finally returning to Philly. There was and still is nothing flashy about Elton Brand and he’s widely regarded as a forgotten star. If he wants to keep playing and it appears that he does then good for him. The Sixers will probably take any able-bodied citizen at this point. But, when Kawhi Leonard hit that insane buzzer beater to sink Philadelphia in the quarter - Drake busted out his phone and aimed down showing he was wearing a pair of shorts the whole time.

He posted the whole thing on his Instagram story. Even though you can't see his face, you can hear his voice - it's obviously him. The Drake curse is legendary whatever team Drake has rooted for in a championship capacity has crapped the bed when it counts.

From Alabama to Kentucky to the Toronto Maple Leafs even Conor McGregor.

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Markelle Fultz may not be back on the court this season for the Philadelphia moonhoax.us year-old guard has been out since November 19 and was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome earlier this. General manager Elton Brand told reporters on Saturday there is no timetable for Fultz's return, and the team are not sure if he will play again in "I can't say right now," he said.

Brand said Fultz is going through physical therapy and is not participating in basketball activities. Toronto went into full celebration mode as the 76ers’ season came to a close.

Here’s a look at the last-second game-winner. Zion Williamson’s debut, Lakers vs Clippers start new season.

moonhoax.us Full Eastern Conference Finals schedule, latest odds. The two teams will play their first two games in Milwaukee where the Bucks were an Eastern Conference-best Game 3 and Game 4 will take place North of the border as Toronto hosts in their arena.

Here’s a look at the schedule as we know it so far. When the Sixers quickly called a timeout, Davis joined JaVale McGee and Danny Green at midcourt to comically inspect the spot from which LeBron launched the shot. That was pretty funny, James said with a smile. The teams split their season series. 25 while James passed Kobe Bryant for third place on the NBA's career scoring list.

Bryant died in a helicopter crash the next morning, several hours after congratulating James on the accomplishment.

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The Philadelphia drafted Villanova's Mikal Bridges, a local player whose mother works as the team's vice president of human resources.

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Then, 46 minutes later, the dealt him to Phoenix. Philadelphia VP of human resources overwhelmed with joy as the team drafts her son - then 46 minutes later they trade him to Phoenix.

Villanova's Mikal Bridges was taken by his hometown in Thursday's draft. His mother, Tyneeha Rivers, works as the head of Philadelphia's HR department. Bridges was all smiles when he thought he would play for his mother's employer, the Philadelphia native Mikal Bridges flashes his Villanova jacket liner after he was drafted by the on Thursday night.

About 45 minutes later, he was dealt to the Phoenix Suns. I honestly wish the could have played them. It would have looked like the Harlem globetrotters playing against kids at the YMCA. On the bright side they are playing the Lakers next time so they might not break the record for most consecutive losses out of the start of a season. London When the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia play Thursday, they'll both be looking to leave a mark on the league's global stage. For the teams, that's the obvious payoff.

It'll also provide a reminder of the league's future. I'm going to play team basketball and try to put on a show too." Another factor in the 76ers' improvement has been the play of Ben Simmons. The year-old Australian point-forward, a leading rookie of the year candidate, could also become an All-Star. "That would be amazing," said Simmons, who's currently just under 50, votes off a starting place.

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Send a link to your phone to take your podcasts on the go. Keith Pompey of the Philly Inquirer for the last 16 years brings you a daily look into your Philadelphia and the NBA with Locked on part of the Locked On Podcast Network Read Less. NBA community for blogging, voting in polls, taking quizzes, and public chats. The personified "power basketball" in that era.

They actually created the term and defined it. Wilt Chamberlain was no longer just an automatic scorer and rebounding machine.

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Oh, he could still do those things whenever he wanted to, but his power increased dramatically with his willingness to surrender the ball to his teammates in the name of victory.

The first true power forward in pro basketball emerged on this team. Luke Jackson was lethal working next door to Wilt. Once again, the San Francisco connection to Philadelphia's future basketball success played out. First, the city lost the Warriors and Wilt in one fell swoop.

Then, the coach the should have had thatfirst year in Philly bolted for the Bay Area to team with Chamberlain for the first time.

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So you'll have to excuse the Suns and for being silly on Twitter earlier this week. But we have to admit that it was pretty entertaining. On Tuesday night, whoever runs the Suns' Twitter account reached out to whoever runs the Sixers' Twitter account and told them that they were upset that Will Smitha.k.a.

"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"wasn't invited to play with Philly's summer league team this year Hey Sixers, we're disappointed this guy didn't make the Summer League roster.

Seen his demo reel for 20+ years now.

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The Celtics have never lost a series when up, so history would suggest the need a win in Game 2. For that to happen, Philly will need to shoot much better from the 3-point line than it did in the series opener. Here’s how to watch Celtics vs. Thumbnail photo via Winslow TownsonUSA TODAY Sports. Email check failed, please try again. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo speaks to reporters after Milwaukee Bucks vs. Philadelphia on Christmas Day, which the Sixers won b.

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The were able to get a look for their first option in this play with Marco Belinelli 3 cutting to the corner to receive the pass from Ben Simmons 1 and send the game into overtime. With no timeouts left in the game, Philadelphia embedded secondary options into the play with Joel Embiid 5 screening for J.J. They initially ran a play to get the ball to Jayson Tatum but had to call their last timeout when the nearly forced a five-second call on the inbounds pass.

Down to its final chance, the Boston ran this play to get Horford 5 isolated at the rim. The were switching all screens to keep the Celtics from getting an open look.

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Markelle Fultz injury update guard reportedly expects to play again this season. The year-old guard has been out since Nov. 19 and was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome earlier this month. Markelle Fultz believes he will be back on the court this season. The year-old guard has been out since Nov. General manager Elton Brand told reporters last weekend that there’s no timetable for Fultz’s return and the team is not sure if he will play again in But, Fultz’s range of motion has improved since he began rehabbing the injury and he’s expecting to return at some point, according to a report from ESPN.

Good news for Sixers fans wojespn says Markelle Fultz expects to play this season.

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The New playing Alligator Point. Install the free Online Radio Box application for your smartphone and listen to your favorite radio stations online - wherever you are! You can leave your e-mail and we will let you know when the broadcast of the station will be online again Or listen to the other countrydecname stations.

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Yet when it is a future Hall of Famer who is doing the telling, sometimes it is better just to sit back and listen. They’re special, Dwyane Wade said after the Sixers took a lead in this best-of-seven first round series with a win at American Airlines Arena on Saturday.

They put the right team together. James Johnson, who had been trailing on the play, objected to the treatment of his teammate, and Ben Simmons objected to Johnson’s objection, and those two players ended up face-to-face as a kerfuffle ensued, with the day’s first batch of double technicals summarily assigned. For three quarters, it was a scrum.

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When the 76ers' Tobias Harris opened the second half with a 3-pointer on Friday, a Rockets lead that had reached 22 in the first half was down to 12 and Chris Paul said the Rockets thought, "Ah, here we go." The Sixers, however, never got closer, never made a serious run.

No matter how much of that was a credit to the Rockets' improved defense or the fault of the 76ers' poor shooting and with the Sixers 3 of 26 on it was likely plenty of both it had become time to note that getting point leads so often might not be such a bad thing.

But when D'Antoni said he would like to play the Raptors again with the implication clear, there was no reason to think he was joking.

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When the finally landed the first overall pick this spring, they selected Ben Simmons, then watched him suffer a broken bone in his right foot before ever playing a game. Now, even with Simmons still sidelined, hope is unexpectedly emerging in the middle of the season.

The have won five of their past six games and seven of nine, including a buzzer-beater over the Knicks and their most impressive victory to date Wednesday over the Raptors, who hold the second-best record in the Eastern Conference.

The biggest reason why is Embiid, a player they only were able to land because he.

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Lineups are only confirmed when an official NBA source provides that information. Unfortunately, the NBA does not require that starting lineups be submitted before tipoff, which is why we are sometimes limited to waiting until a game tips off to accurately pass on who is starting for some games.

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Matisse Thybulle took advantage of some playing time given to him because of a Josh Richardson injury and a Furkan Korkmaz roasting to play his best minutes of the season. We talk about the ups and downs of the Simmons and Embiid experience, the fact that Jimmy Butler won’t shut up, and Mike gets mad at an emailer.

Jimmy Butler, who just wants to win, and works harder than anyone, chose to play with a bunch of sixth men in Miami instead of the Sixers. In his return to to Philadelphia, he was booed lustily, and got his ass kicked by the guy he was traded for, Josh Richardson. Joel Embiid looked like himself, and the Sixers were at their best on both sides of the ball.

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Who will the Philadelphia play next in the second round of the playoffs? Find out everything we know about the Sixers opponent and playoff schedule. The Sixers finally know who they’re playing in the second round of the playoffs. When the Celtics finished off the Bucks in Game 7 of their first-round series Saturday night, Boston earned a spot in the conference semifinals against the Sixers.

You can also read our Sixers-Celtics preview. Sixers-Celtics Game 1 will take place Monday night in Boston, according to Sports Media Watch, which has a full breakdown of conference semifinal schedules and TV info.

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Lineups are only confirmed when an official NBA source provides that information. Unfortunately, the NBA does not require that starting lineups be submitted before tipoff, which is why we are sometimes limited to waiting until a game tips off to accurately pass on who is starting for some games.

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The 76ers' Fan brought a car door, because if it got too hot she could just roll down the window! Did you hear about the 76ers' Fan who wore two jackets when she painted the house? The instructions on the can said "Put on two coats." Why do 76ers' Fans laugh three times when they hear a joke? Once when it is told, once when it is explained to them, and once when they understand it. Audible Barnes Noble Walmart eBooks Apple Books Google Play Abebooks Book Depository Alibris Indigo Better World Books Indi.

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And when we play with that kind of energy and spirit, we're a good team." Elton Brand scored 11 points and Andre Iguodala, Spencer Hawes and Louis Williams each had 10 as the avenged a point home loss to Toronto last Wednesday.

The blew the game open in the fourth, outscoring Toronto, and coasting to victory thanks to an run. "When we were winning, it was a joy to play this game," Brand said. "We're trying to get back to that level. "The world was falling on us when we lost four in a row," he added.

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Susie was watching a film when she heard the noise. 5 Yesterday I went to the library, next I had a swim, later I met Julie for coffee. 6 We were playing tennis when John hurt his ankle. 7 What were they doing at last night - it was really noisy? 8 He was taking a shower when the telephone rang. 9 He was in the shower when the telephone rang.

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After thirty-three games, they had just won their straight to 'get' to They would lose 10 of their next 13, to fall to Still only two games away from hitting the 'over'. They've lost nine straight and, today, they traded every warm body out of town, save Thad Young. So, since I don't follow the that closely, do you think the front office is incompetent or is this just epic tanking to try to get a high draft pick next year? How many more times do they play the Bucks and the Celtics?

One more against Milwaukee, this Monday night.

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It’s fukin terrible man, going into the playoffs playing like sht all out of sync. Do us fans really expect anything different in the Playoffs? I blame the coach, Brett is soft and a pushover.

He allows the young guys still learning the game to get away with sht, constantly making the same dumb mistakes. Team should play through Butler. It’s gonna come down to this in the Playoffs, especially against top teams like Raptors Bucks or Celtics, Ben gonna have to play the moonhoax.us needs to really lock in this offseason.

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Update, June 7 Philadelphia president of basketball operations and general manager Bryan Colangelo has resigned from the team. His wife, Barbara Bottini, admitted to establishing and operating a handful of anonymous Twitter accounts that were critical of players and other league executives and released sensitive team information, though an investigation by an outside law firm deemed Colangelo to be source of her information, an assertion that Colangelo disputes. You can draw your own conclusions from the two exchanges Not only did the Sixers confirm that Colangelo was the owner of one of the five accounts in question, but the three that were not mentioned simultaneously went dark shortly after he was told of The Ringer’s inquiry.

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What do Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia need to do to stay in the mix in the East? It was just over a week ago, on Christmas Day, that the Philadelphia played their most complete game of the year.

But Horford’s individual stats have taken a precipitous tumble as he tries to find his way at power forward while playing next to Embiid. He’s shot just percent from the floor and 24 percent from 3-point range in his minutes with the All-NBA center, a stark contrast from the 47 percent he shoots overall without him, and the percent he shoots from three.

I’m out [there] for the team and doing what I can to help us. But offensively, I’m very limited with the things that I can do, Horford told the Philadelphia Inquirer. So I can’t control that stuff.

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